Matchmaker events

hi. I searched forum but I cant find relative solve for my matter. I’m using nakama in client relay mode and I wanna use Socket.CreateMatchAsync and after some condition ReceivedMatchmakerMatched event or any similar thing be invoked. I dont want use match state. is there any way?
and question 2 in Socket.CreateMatchAsync(name) what’s name?

Hello @ghasem167 please have a look at the matchmaking docs.

The name field can be used to give the created relayed match a human-readable name that can more easily be shared with other players.

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thnx. how to use name? in match property there isnt name.

The relayed match name is unrelated to the match properties, it’s a way to name a match with an arbitrary string that you can then share with other players so they can call matchJoin using said name.