Sharing my self signed certificate validation code for Nakama-dotnet

I needed some support of validating self signed server SSL certificates on the [nakama-dotnet] client side .
I couldn’t find anything relevant so I wrote some support for it on my own repo nakama-dotnet

Relevant commits and some Gist example on how to use it
Sorry as a new user I can add only 2 links :slight_smile:



@elix22 Thanks for the contribution. We’d be happy to take a look at the work as a pull request on the .NET client. Is there a specific reason you need to support self-signed certificates instead of using free certificates like what LetsEncrypt provides?

I didn’t want to complicate things so I chose to use a self signed SSL certificate .
Followed this link as a reference in setting up my Linux server side (didn’t use G.C.E.):
Setting up a game server using Nakama on Google Compute Engine, part 4 ·

Feel free to use the code in any way possible …