Recommand way is HTTP but is it safe?

I searched the topic a bit, nothing much came out but this short topic. Connect to Nakama with https instead of http

For game information such as I moved the enemy this much, shooted this bullet etc. it is not important so http makes sense but for sensitive information like authentication, in game chat or even IAP info, would like to use https. How can and should I do that? Especially nakama provides so many custom authentication service and logic but since it is http it is spyable. Any insight would be appreciated.

Hello @braty14,

You should most definitely set up Nakama behind HTTPS for a production deployment.

Please have a look at Connect to Nakama with https instead of http - #2 by novabyte

Yes, kind of a new to online stuff. Did my research and it seems I have to use a load balancer for SSL termination. Actually I also posted the same link in the post but took me a while to understand what it means. :smiley: