After Enabling HTTPS, Nakama Client Dashboard Stops Working

Hello Heroic Labs!
We have had our development Nakama instance running on standard HTTP, but have recently found that our game client requires HTTPS SSL security to connect. After enabling HTTPS, I have lost any ability to log into the client. The page itself looks different because none of the styles are being applied. And when I attempt to login, a few errors are thrown in the Google Chrome developers panel. We have our instance sitting behind an elastic load balancer, on AWS. The certificate is generated by AWS, and applied to the load balancer instance, itself. We are seeing mixed results when attempting to direct the browser to our instance. Sometimes we see HTTP status codes of 404 and 503, other times the page displays in the manner I described.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,
Jeremy N.

I can’t exactly comment on what’s going wrong here but it looks like your AWS LB UrlMapping is not setup properly and the dashboard cannot find and download it’s respective JS/CSS assets as it is needed. Sadly this is as far I can help without having access to your infrastructure.

Hi Mo,
Thank you for your response. Do you have any links or documentation for what URL mappings need to be done for Nakama? Our installation is done utilizing the Nakama binary, and not a docker container. So the directories being listed in the developers console do not exist.