Nakama doesn't work on my vps

Hello! It is not possible to run nakama on a vps, everything works locally, not on a vps. What could be the problem? I did everything according to the documentation.

the container is being launched, I receive a message “caller”:“main.go:174”,“msg”:“Startup done”, but I can’t get through, the error status is http Request failed

and I can’t start the console
it works well on localhost

Docker version 20.10.12, build e91ed57
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

var nakama_server_key: String = ‘nakama_godot_demo’
var nakama_host: String = ‘
var nakama_port: int = 7350
var nakama_scheme: String = ‘http’

It’s very hard to help with custom VPS setups since we have no insight into your deployment process or configuration.

Usually what you’re describing is a firewall, port, or DNS resolution issue. I suggest you start by investigating if you can reach your server just through a browser and work from there.