I can't reach the server with another PC

I will try to explain as best I can (im not english) to look for some help.
I have the nakama server running in one PC (with ip: and when i run the game in the same PC it works. But when it come to connect to the server with other pc it not works and i don’t understant. I tried to make a little server with python in port 7350 and it works so the problem is not on the router.

I apreciate all kind of help thank you!!

Hello @oriolmart,

How are you running Nakama? If you running a docker container, what does the following command outputs docker ps? I would expect to exist a mapping such as this>7349-7351/tcp

Hey! , yes i’m running on Docker container, with the docker compose given on the oficial page. The problem has solved magicaly jajaj , I don’t know how. Anyway thank you for help.
The mapping is like you described below.