Help connecting to Nakama (running in Virtualbox) after moving the virtual image to another machine

Hi, I am a Godot developer,
I have installed successfully nakama using docker on a virtualbox linux ubuntu image. It works fine executing my code from a Windows host and connecting to the virtual machine with the nakama server installed.

The problem is that if a move the virtualbox image from my desktop dev machine to my laptop dev machine, nakama server can not start. The virtual image is exactly the same (it has also a static IP address), but on my laptop nakama server can not connect to cockroachdb printing the error message: "Error pinging database”.

I have tried many times using the followings:
sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up
and to clean the env:
docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yml down -v

Could you help me with this problem?

@vpirrottina Sorry I think it will be impossible to help you with this setup because there’s a lot of different moving parts to your server set up. I don’t know anything about your Windows host, laptop server, or similar. Is there a reason you cannot just use Docker compose and run it against Docker engine? Why do you move virtualbox images across machines?