Multiple characters, one player

Hey folks, investigating Nakama for a small multi-player game. I’d like to give my users the ability to have multiple distinct characters, each of whom can join their own clans, have separate chat history, etc. Is this possible?

My inclination is that it isn’t. I seem to be able to authenticate for a single username, and that username/account can join its own clans and such. I wish I could authenticate a single user, let that user choose between a set of characters, then scope everything based on the character.


It should be possible but it will take a bit of extra wiring. You could for example designate a ‘character’ the user is joining a group with and track this in a storage object for each user/group, along with which chat channels each character is part of.

Using this info you could filter for example the user’s group memberships to scope them to the currently active character. Similarly other group members can be given access to the user’s storage object so they can display the appropriate character rather than the main username.

Does that help give you a possible path forward?

Hi @zyro is this workaround with storage still actual? Can you please clarify about private chats, how to work with chats in this case?