Can a user connect to multiple matches at the same time?

Hey everyone, I am still new to Nakama and I was wondering whether it is possible to use it to create an MMORTS
Without going too much into the details, I figured that the best way to achieve it with Nakama would be to create matches per zone and add each user to all the zones their units are in (So multiple matches per users).
Is this possible in Nakama? and if so, is it a simple to implement or am I better off implementing my own server side for this task.

Thank you

I haven’t tested it but from my reading of the documentation it would seem like a user could be in multiple matches simultaneously. However, I feel like in the long term you are probably better off implementing your own server side for this task but still using Nakama’s authentication and social features.

As far as I have seen whilst developing my game, is when a user joins a match they automatically leave the one they were previously in. (used it for random match-making)
So the question is, why you’d need to divide your server into zones?
depending on the cpu of your server nakama should be able to handle quite alot of people on one server.

If you track all units on an authorative server, then you might run into a problem when a user switches zones ( because it can’t take the units with them), so maybe you could store the units on the user’s storage? and then get and update them from the server.

I’d say it could be doable but your scope is really challenging. maybe try to go fo a MORTS of around 50-100 people in one match and test if the gameplay is still fun and challenging with that many players at once.

The entire promise is the mmo fully persistent world so I don’t know how that would go…
I think I’ll follow Confuzzleinator advice and use it as an authentication and social feature only

Hi @matan1905 welcome :slight_smile: Nakama matches have been built for small to large matches and players can be in multiple matches at once.

MMOs and RTS games are a special and complex category of games. RTS games tend to have a synchronised game step all running the same simulation on each machine. Trying to sync X units for Y players (for large - massive X and Y) in a traditional manner of sending locations is not feasible. For more info, this article is a great read 1500 Archers on a 28.8: Network Programming in Age of Empires and Beyond

That being said, it all depends how connected your players and zones are and the demands of your real-time simulations, which will determine what you can achieve with Nakama without having to go the synchronised simulation route.