Multiple Users connected to one account


I have some question regarding accounts/session with Nakama and their limitations.

I know this is not classic design, but we are looking for a solution to handle anonymous users and also advanced logs. Here are two use case scenario:

  • Having a “Logger” account that log in everytime someone connect on the game and log game data in a storage object
  • Having a “Anon” account for everyone that connect to the game as unauthenticated users

I’m sorry if the question seems naive, but there I can’t find a clear answer on the doc on in here about that matter. Can two or more people open a session using the same account at the same time ? Is there a limit to that ?


Hi there.

An account can have multiple logins and multiple sessions, but that may not be the right approach here and you may want to have some server runtime code that is ran whenever someone logs in.

I’m a bit confused on what you are trying to achieve? Could you kindly explain what the game design is and how it’s actually used?

Hey thanks for your answer. You are actually right, I wrongfully thought that you also needed a session to make RPC calls, but I can just open a socket. This way I can then call storage function in the backend server that does not require a session.

One of our application would be a leaderboard that is not bound to an user but to a character (that the user choose at start). But we can also use sockets and make a call with the character id.

Thanks again and sorry for the confusion.