One authentication for multiple characters


I’m reading about Nakama, and it looks pretty cool, congratulations !
However, I don’t think that I can use it for my use case, except if I rewrite a lot of things, but maybe I’m wrong, that’s why I’m posting here :smiley:

I’m currently working on a mobile MMO, and the player, once connected can choose one or more servers to play on. In other words, he can have X characters(1 per account) on 1 account, as his in-game purchases are linked to the account and not to the character, and I want to keep the possibility to merge servers togethers, and then, to keep the account unique. But it doesn’t look possible with Nakama, it looks like 1 server = 1 character, as everything seems to be linked to the user.
I was thinking “well, the user log-in, get his characters, choose one and I refresh the session with a variable specifying which server he is playing on”, but for some cases like notifications, I would have to override everything as I would not like to read a notification for my character A with the character B.

I don’t know if all is clear in my message (english is not my primary language), but if there’s a way to manage this kind of case, please, let me know :slight_smile:

P.S : I’ve read this topic : Multiple characters, one player ; a bit old, maybe things are different now and there are other possibilities ?

Thank you

I am not sure if I understood your requirement correctly but, you can manually generate deviceIDs and store them in a storage object in the “Main” account while creating;
an example of a stored object:

    "server_1": "19fe84a3-0ab0-47f7-b894-34d66e861dc2",
    "server_2": "49f8e91d-4bfe-478c-808a-26e4f19ae860",
    "server_3": "89903ba9-81a7-4015-84b3-9e28df92f0e7"

So steps look like this:
Authenticate in the main account (with actual deviceID)
Fetch this stored object, display servers and when the player clicks one of the servers (for example server_2) you grab a manually generated deviceID from that object and re-authenticate using that one.
So you will have multiple accounts with one “main” account.

Thank you very much, brillant idea !