Is it possible to extend Nakama Console with new features?

For a project I am currently working on using Nakama we are looking at implementing a skin system.

I’d like to make it something really easy for artists to upload and configure new skins right in the console.

  1. Is it possible to extend the console with a Go plugin or is the console fully part of the source code?
  2. Is there any references in the source code I could use to investigate implementing a system myself?


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Good question.

At the moment, I’d suggest the following:

  • Host the UI somewhere outside of Nakama as extending Nakama Console UI is not recommended, nor is easily/pleasant.

  • Use the Console API to authenticate your custom UI, and potentially serve the assets you store in the Storage engine directly via the API.

  • Write a server-to-server RPC that interacts with the main API (7350) as a way of extending Nakama to have your custom server functionality - e.g. data validation etc.

Not the perfect answer I know, it’s something that is in the back of my mind and we will come up with a proper solution at some point. Hope this helps.


Okay gotcha! Thanks for the quick response.

I was hoping not to have to create a separate tool for administration, but it’s good to hear the topic is on the table!

I look forward to hearing about an official solution in the future!

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Good day, @mofirouz !
The year has passed since the last message. Is there any update on this topic?

I’m looking for a way to tune up nakama console a bit. The idea is to replace text json editor for some collections for something more comfortable and friendly to gamedesigners. After it, add lookup component for selecting/showing/filtering by title, by returning id to underlying json. For example, you have spells with id and title somewhere in the game model. And you’d like to add them to some of the items, you have in ur game. Then you have to address them by id, but that is not convenient. Implementing lookup with custom json editing, I guess, could solve this one.
So, I’d really appreciate any help with building console from sources. Can you please help me with it?