Sending notification functionality in Nakama Console


I know in Nakama there is an in-app notification feature which developer can send user some messages to their mailbox (such as reward or maintenance notice). However, I can’t find that feature in Nakama Console. I made a simple mockup to illustrate the feature in Nakama Console.

Any thought about this? Would you consider to add this feature in Nakama Console? I consider to make a pull request for this feature.

@adhipradhana This would be a good feature request I think though the mockup misses a lot of the details for the notification to be sent (like the notification code, persistence, etc.)

There is another alternative to solve your use case though. You could create an RPC function that can be called from the API Explorer in the Console to send the notifications you need to the player base. It would be good to initially prototype it that way before its carried forwards to a full first-party feature integration.

@novabyte Thank you for giving me the alternative. I think it would be sufficient enough for my current system.

Another question, If I decide to modify the Nakama Console (without making a pull-request to Nakama repository), does the Nakama Enterprise support using custom docker image?

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