How to add section in nakama admin

how to add new section in nakama admin like : coin details means coin count and price like that.

@kmsudhir There’s no simple way to do that right now though you could build your own JavaScript UI that talks to the console API in the server which will give you control to create custom views that are specific to your game. We do have custom views planned as part of the next major release of the game server so your use case is well received by the team. :slight_smile:

how to upload profile image in nakama also suggest me how to disable default nakama admin login.

how to upload profile image in nakama

@kmsudhir It depends on the format of the image but you could base64 encode it so it can be stored in the avatar URL field of the user account. Alternatively you could store it in a Nakama storage object or write the image to an object store (like S3) and read it from there. All depends on how large the profile image is and how its encoded.

how to disable default nakama admin login

If you want to fully disable the Nakama Developer Console you should block the URL and port number from your load balancer wherever you run the server. If you want to change the password and username you can use --console.username "someuser" and --console.password "somepass" or as YML:

    username: "someuser"
    password: "somepass"