Can the Nakama server be used to host my web game's UI?

Simple beginner question. Do I need to have a separate server serving a webapp UI which then uses the JS client to talk to a nakama server, or can nakama itself serve the interface? As far as I understand from the docs nakama is not intended to operate as a webserver and as such does not have strong built-in support for routing page requests to templates and such. So am I correct that a nakama project would in essence involve two servers?

@nakamatester1 It depends on what you’d like the custom web UI to perform. We have a Console API which you can use to programmatically build whatever customer support and liveops game-specific UIs you need or want. We usually recommend for speed that you could utilize Retool for this purpose in case you want to avoid your own Angular, React, or similar web app.

This way you could also host it however you like without the need to host another server component. For an idea on our Console API have a look at this code in the server:

nakama/console.service.ts at master · heroiclabs/nakama · GitHub

Hope this helps.

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