I need help with a really laggy local setup

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Nakama and I’m trying to create a multiplayer prototype in Godot using Client Relayed Multiplayer, but every code that I wrote results in a laggy gameplay synchronization. I tried the docker setup and the Windows setup, but either resulted in the same synchronization issue. Also, I tried RPC and synced states through the NakamaSocket without success. Does anyone have any clue what I’m doing wrong?

OBS: When I just use Godot’s High-level multiplayer API, the same tests work just fine!

Thank you in advance!

It depends on your message send rate, the payload, the server socket configuration, how you’ve coded up receiving the messages on the client side (blocking, or on the main thread), and finally how you are running the game server. This is such a wide question that there is no single answer.

Hi @mofirouz, thanks for your attention!

Look, I kept doing things yesterday and I figured out that when I add environment props into the scene, the other client that is receiving data from this client with those props becomes laggy. I suppose that some messages are sent by/to them and this overloads the payload or something like that. How can I debug this? The following video is a screen capture showing this situation.

Video: link

I think this is not a Nakama SDK problem, because I tried Godot’s High-level API with the same scene, and resulted in the same issue. I will understand if this is not the right place to get support, but I would appreciate it if you or someone else help me.