Publish created NON nakama server

I’m writing GODOT 4 game and trying to publish created server host in it, unfortunately Nakama traffic exchange doesn’t work for me because it uses physics, so all actions delayed about 0.5 second on good connection.

So my approach is:

	var peer =
	if peer.get_connection_status() == MultiplayerPeer.CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED:
		print("Failed to start multiplayer server")
	multiplayer.multiplayer_peer = peer

	var nakama_session = await Online.nakama_client.authenticate_custom_async("secret_key")
	if nakama_session.is_exception():
		print("Login failed!")
        nakama_session.crate_match("match_name", ip, port.... metadata)

on other hand my expectation was:

        var list := nakama_session.list_matches(some_filtering_params)

But the only way I can see is matchmaker, which is not exactly what I’m trying to do.

Please help me with my problem.

Hey @theromisnakama_session.crate_match("match_name", ip, port.... metadata)

there are two issues here – there is a typo with create_match and it should be called from the socket, not the client.

list_matches should also be called from the nakama_client class and it will only list public matches.