How to get the party Presences by the party member

when a party owner(A) create a party, the return data is the party data including party presenses, when he invite a new member(B), in the scene, it will show the both two members in the room(UI layer) so i need to get the new Presenses for both A and B to show UI Element in the game,but there’s not a socket api to get the party data(ReceivedPartyPresence only return the new member, not the list of all member in the party)

Hi, @lizhug.

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If I understood your use case right you need to check which players are currently in a room so it can be shown. In this case, when a new presence is created within a party, a ReceivedPartyPresence event is sent. You can check similar use case on nakama-dotnet tests cases:

Also, please note that, when joining a party, the member list is returned. You should listen to ReceivedParty event before joining and check the list when the event comes.
On updates, the former event should be used.

Hope this helps.