Heroic Cloud auto-deploy

Hello everyone!

We work a lot with firebase, playfab, parse platform, colyseus, etc, and deploy these products via the command-line interface. Can you please share the workflow with us for staging? Can we use for this (repository commit β†’ auto-build β†’ auto-deploy-on-staging) Heroic Cloud or should use our own environment for staging?


The Heroic Cloud is designed to support almost that workflow (repository commit β†’ auto-build β†’ deploy-on-env-on-demand).

Everythings is configured using our concept of Builder which you can parameterize to auto build the images upon commits on a specific branch. The deploy to any environment is manual and triggered on Builder as well.

You can find more information here: Builders - Heroic Labs Documentation

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Is there a way to make a feature request? It will be awesome to build and deploy via command-line tools (via API like firebase, playfab, and so on)

Hi @formatCvt you can send a support request to support@heroiclabs.com - there is a REST API you can call and we can help you with this outside of the forums.

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Would be awesome to be able to deploy from a local script or GitHub action. It’s annoying to have to log in to the cloud every time to do the build and then later the deployment, especially as the cloud requires a login every 24 hours.