Method of database periodic backup

hi? developer friends

The game our team is developing is almost at the launch stage. Now, we are at the stage where we are thinking about problems that may arise during operation, and the biggest concern is backup.

How often do you set the backup cycle? And are you backing up once before and after the server logic is updated?

Ah, the topic of today’s question is that we also want to do a backup, but I don’t know how. Is there any way to make regular backups?

And for backup before and after server logic update, I need a logic that backs up all data when a certain API is called. Is it possible to implement this logic with typescript?

Hey @Gandangf are you using the Heroic Cloud?

Ah, we’re still in the development stage, so we’re not using cloud. I’ll try to switch when it launches later.

However, even if you use cloud service, don’t you have to create your own automatic backup function and backup and restore function through API?

On Heroic Cloud, We do differential daily binary backups stored for a rolling 7 day window.