Deploy to AWS stack cloudformatting

using (nakama stack)[AWS Marketplace: Nakama] from aws marketplace
the stack is building without any errors until it stops on NakamaService CREATE_IN_PROGRESS Resource creation Initiated after some time it crashes with a timeout error
I didn’t upload my runtime model or config.yml yet

  1. Versions: Nakama {3.10.0}, {aws cloudformatting}

Hello @Kareem21227gg

Do you have any logs that you could provide us and could explain how you are deploying it? The more information you provide, the better we can help.

Hi @flavio
there is no log cause i couldn’t start the ecs yet (which where the problem happen)

Usage Instructions for 3.10.0

  1. Run the CloudFormation wizard located here:
  2. When the stack is completed it will produce 2 outputs: one is the URL of the Nakama console of your newly created instance and the other is the S3 bucket in to the root of which you can put your config.yaml and any Nakama runtime plugins.
  3. After you modify config.yaml or plugins you need to locate the running nakama ECS tasks in the AWS Console and restart them to apply the new configuration and runtime.

step one is where the problem happen so i assumed that there is something wrong with the stack templet