Nakama service gets terminated

our project currently live and we have problem with nakama service gets terminated we have check nakama catches this error :
net/http. (*connReader).Read(0xc000b23b.
8]: net/http/server.go: 780 +0x16d
8]: bufio.(*Reader) .£i11(0xc0009c0f00)
8]: bufio/bufio.go: 106 +0x103
8]: bufio.( *Reader).Peek(0xco009c0fo0, 0x4)
8]: bufio/bu£io.go:144.+0x5d
8]: net/http.(*conn).serve( 0xc0009 743c0, (0
78]: net/http/server.go:1992 +0x716
78]: created by net/http. (*Server) .Serve
78]:. net/http/server.go:3071 +0x4db

and regrading to the infrastructure wise we have hosted on the aws t2xlarge instance

we have realized that fatal error occur in the go build in nakama it seem mutex happed 2 goroutines try to reach same resource at the same time and race condition happend.

fatal error concurrent map write

Hi Ali1Abbas, we cannot tell from your stack trace what issue is occurring. If you’d like to enter a support relationship with Heroic Labs please email