Need documentation / fixes for Nakama at AWS Marketplace

Nakama is available on AWS marketplace, but as mentioned in this thread, some people failed to deploy the stack and stuck in the NakamaService CREATE_IN_PROGRESS Resource creation Initiated timeout loop. Either a better / basic documentation is needed on how to launch a Nakama stack with AWS cloudformation, ideally from a fresh new AWS account (which may involve guide on setting up some specific IAM users), and / or the offering on the AWS marketplace need to be patched . ( I noticed that older version of Nakama that are still being offered on AWS marketplace failed even at earlier stage at the cloudformation.)

NakamaService: Resource timed out waiting for completion (RequestToken: XXXX)
NakamaService: The following resource(s) failed to create: [NakamaService]. Rollback requested by user.

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Hi Deity, we are unaware of issues and we’ve tried to create with no issues again.

Thanks for the reply, Sean. I will try again at a later date, and details my steps along the way and see whether it fails again.

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