AWS Marketplace CloudFormation to use 1.13.1 release - command vs entrypoint

Hoping someone could give me an hand.

I have been using the very helpful Cloudformation template found on AWS marketplace AWS Marketplace: Nakama

My issue is that I need to use 1.13.1 to make use of the HMAC hash fixes it has but 1.10.0 is the last version deployed to the heroic-labs ECR repo. :

So I assumed it would be as easy as changing the Image url from the heroic-labs ECR repo to the one used by docker-compose:

The image is pulled successfully and does indeed startup as seen in the log output. However it tries to connect to a database on localhost (default) and fails so it is clearly not picking up the “command” parameters supplied in the task def.

Looking at the Dockerfile in the nakama git repo (
I can see it used entrypoint which makes sense looking at the docker-compose
ENTRYPOINT ["tini", "--", "/nakama/nakama"]

Therefore I am concluding that the 1.10.0 image in the heroic labs ECR has been modified to use command rather than entrypoint which is why the command parameters are being ignored. Therefore I have two possible ways out, change my task def to use entrypoint or encourage someone to update the marketplace ECR to include 1.13.1

thank you so much for any and all assistance

btw I have modified the Cloudformation template to include HTTPS and gRPC functionality so if thats helpful to anyone I can post it.

I have done a bit more digging and indeed there was a build for making a specific image to use with AWS marketplace but seems the build code was recently removed

So i assume no more releases are going to be made to that marketplace ECR repo?

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We had to remove the code from the repository to make it compatible with our tooling internally. We’ll be making more changes/updates to our Marketplace offering soon. In the meantime, I do recommend that you deploy your servers on Heroic Cloud that provides dedicated, production-level infrastructure.

Thanks for confirming the situation. Heroic cloud is not suitable otherwise we would not be deploying to aws. I have pulled the deleted build code and have made a 1.13.1 image that I can deploy from our ecr. I look forward to the improvements to the aws MarketPlace offering as its an excellent tool for managing the deployment.

Heroic cloud is not suitable otherwise we would not be deploying to aws

Is it possible to give feedback as to why Heroic Cloud is not suitable? Feel free to DM if can’t answer publicly. Thanks!

Hi @toby, that would help us. Thanks.