Console Status shows no data

I wonder if this is a problem with my setup or this is a general design choice.

I noticed that on the status page of the nakama console (http://localhost:7351/#/status) it allows to select a time range up to 24h. But in my case, the data in the 4 graphs only updates when i stay on the site. If i navigate away and go back, i ALWAYS have no past data.

Is this by design, or is my storage not working somehow?

Versions: Nakama 3.14, Docker@Windows (local) and Docker@Linux (prod) same results

Hello @dela this is by design, this dashboard is just intended to get a quick glance at some of these stats, Nakama doesn’t actually store this data, for proper monitoring you should set up something like Prometheus and scrape the appropriate Nakama endpoint for this purpose.