Records not showing on console but are in db

Are there any circumstances or configuration settings that might prevent records from showing in the console? We are creating records with a custom .net app using the .net nakama framework. If we only do a handful of records for the specified user, the records appear in the console as expected, but once we exceed a certain threshold of records for the user, then zero records appear for that user. The records are in the db, and our client can load them all fine - they just don’t appear in the console. Any ideas on what might cause this, and any solution or configuration setting? Thanks. We’re using the latest nakama 2.7.0 running in docker.

The threshold we’re hitting seems to be around 5mb worth of records for the user.

@oscargoldman I think this is caused by the default limit on the GRPC/API-gateway we use to implement the developer console API. We’ve not had games store 5MB in a storage object so far but there should be no reason that wouldn’t work. Please open an issue on the tracker because I think it’s a small patch to sort. :+1:

@oscargoldman This is solved in 420ad8b and will be part of the next server release.