Chat during match

Hello there, we are currently using nakama js, we would like to ask if it’s possible to join chat during a match?

Right now we are calling joinMatch and joinChat but it’s being disconnected on match whenever we do so.

Turns out when we use the joinChat here Nakama: Real-time Chat | Heroic Labs Documentation , nakama logs says “malformed payload”

nakama1  | {"level":"warn","ts":"2022-11-19T03:33:58.780Z","caller":"server/session_ws.go:239","msg":"Received malformed payload","uid":"828e6880-5d20-4601-ad7b-5133520fa2a9","sid":"ff93c29d-67ba-11ed-ac78-7106fdcb5b46","data":"eyJjaGFubmVsX2pvaW4iOnsidGFyZ2V0IjoxLCJ0eXBlIjoiR2xvYmFsQ2hhdCIsInBlcnNpc3RlbmNlIjpmYWxzZSwiaGlkZGVuIjpmYWxzZX0sImNpZCI6IjEifQ=="}

Nakama version: latest