Socket join group channel problem

In my Godot client when i want to join the group chat i got this error:
NakamaException(StatusCode={-1}, Message=’{ERROR [Channel]: Missing or invalid required prop {content:UserPresence, name:presences, required:True, type:19} = Null:
{group_id:bf5052a9-948c-473b-b81e-ccf76d28126a, id:3.bf5052a9-948c-473b-b81e-ccf76d28126a…, self:{persistence:True, session_id:d2dd400b-22dc-11eb-8d0d-7106fdcb5b46, user_id:20a96d58-4d6f-4338-b487-2bfc10b7a43d, username:QdcBVBRWvL}}}’, GrpcStatusCode={-1})

@SinaZK I think you’ve opened an issue for this on the Godot client. We’ll follow up the discussion there: