Can party store custom status of members?

I want to implement a function. When all members in the party click ready, the leader can start team matching and call PartyMatchmakerAdd.
Implemented through Envelope_PartyDataSend, let the client determine that all members have clicked.
Is there other ways to achieve it? I found that there is no custom data structure in PartyHandler to store the status of members.

@tom can you help me?thanks

@sesposito can you help me?thanks

Hello @hexun80149128, the way you’re doing it is the correct way, why would you need to add custom data structure to the PartyHandler?

@sesposito Because for new players joining the party, don’t know whether the previous players clicked agree or not.

The party leader can keep track of new joins and update the required number of “ready” players it needs before initiating matchmaking.