Can I get help with some RPC design

We are creating Custom table through “run_once” in golang , can we update a values of that table through Api ? If yes then How ?

the Scenario we have is that some dynamic values which are displaying on client side . in game client side hit “rpc” function, and server hit the query to get table and their values, then return.

if we need to update those values should we change values and then restart server? . what we want actually is that we don’t need to update those values on restart. we want to update those values through api

we do this with some APi like localhost:8080/update/tablename that direct hit and update data
on button call from admin panel

You should set up server-to-server RPC hooks that your tools can use to update data. There’s no need to restart Nakama if you take this approach.

When hosted on a cluster (of any sort), would these RPCs propagate to all servers in the cluster so that the whole cluster is updated? Or would I need to make a call to each server in the cluster? Or maybe there’s a better way entirely? For example, when updating remote configuration data to live servers.