How do I receive client data in the server framework using the Go runtime?

Please guide me how we can use Nakama server (Golang) for Restful Api after successful authentication of the client.
means *if client hit the API’s URL from unity side and POST some data then how we can receive (using r http.Request ) it at server side in main file after hitting the URL from client. e.g: like we use gRPC and get data in payload, I need same thing with Rest Api for getting the image or picture file from client side.
Please guide me.

@MTalhaSaleem2021 I think you should have a look at the server framework where you can make an RPC request to the server. The request is handled as a POST to the server and can return information like a URL to an image or other data types for your game.

Basics - Heroic Labs Documentation

Let me know once you’ve written some code to successfully make an RPC request to the server.

@novabyte Thankyou for your reply, is there any other way of communication between client and Nakama server(Golang) without using RPC e.g. we use Restful API links.
Actually I want to get image file from client side and after replacing it at server, I want to store the URL.

Kindly guide me.
I shall be very thankful to you.