Is Nakama suited for realtime world-persistent games?

Nakama seems really “match” focused, I wanted to know if its a good idea (or even possible) to create games with a persistent world, like ikariam or tribal wars, using Nakama

I don’t see why not. I think “match” is simply a notation and you interpret it however you want. You might have just one persistent match. Or maybe, if your world is huge, you might want to have a “match” for each section of the world to decrease the load, then seamlessly transfer players from one match to another.

There’s a lot of functionality that you won’t need, the matchmaker, for example. You can build anything on top of the general functionality that’s provided.


i like the idea of transfering players between one match do another, do you know where i can learn more about that?

What I meant was simply telling the client something like “you now have to join the match with the following matchid…” as a simple state message, then the client would leave the current match and join another without the player even knowing it. In the meantime the server could put some useful information about the player to the persistent storage so that the other match could know what to do with this player.

Just thoughts, the docs have everything you need for the most part.

Thats interesting, thanks for helping!