Sharing in-mem cache

Hi guys,

I am trying to make a logic to prevent that player can join multiple match.

I can create a in-mem cache for dev only, and redis cache for scaling. But are there any practial solution with runtime framework supportation ?

You don’t need to cache anything, there is a configuration option in Nakama that prevents multiple socket connection from a user, or multiple match joins from a user:

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Thank you @mofirouz

I miss that segment on this document. If i have two modules of match are A and B. When a player P is joining match A and try to join match B, what does the behavior of system

  • Kick P from A and let’s him join B after that
  • Or only kick if P try to join another match of A

Nakama doesn’t differentiate between different match handlers in this regards - it will not allow you to join a second match as long as you are part of a (any) match.

Ya, it makes sense.

Do you think the scenario of joining multiple matches but having only one for each model is a good feature to have?

@tunglt1810 Can you give an example of when a user would be legitimately concurrently active in more than one match handler which represents different multiplayer game types?

I have a “Lobby” match and i dont want player join some lobby in the same time. And I also want to create some minimatch as a popup in-game like tic-tac-toe, rock-paper-scissor…