Authoritative join attempt question

Hi there.

Using golang, I’ve created my own match class. When a player try to join the match I’m using the function MatchJoinAttempt. to decide if he can or not
When I’m rejecting a join attempt, I want to reply the reason to the player. So as the documentation says, I’m returning the reason as a string. The problem is, I don’t know how to retrieve this string from the client side. Because I reject the join attempt, the function is throwing an exception. And the exception message is always (Match join rejected).
How should I get my value.

I’m using Unity as a client, and Nakama 2.7.0

Thanks in advance.

@androuin.remi Please open an issue on the Unity client SDK and we can look into how best to surface that error in that client.

Separately, I think you should really consider an update to a newer version of the game server. I think the 2.7.0 release is over a year old at this point.

Thanks for the answer. As asked, I created an issue on github.
About updating, if I find some time I’ll try it. The problem is we’re getting close to the end of the production, so I could be really risky to update the version.

Reposting the response from the Github issue here:

@androuinremi This isn’t reproducible on the newest version of the game server. The message you are receiving is the default one if no failure reason is supplied, so it’s either due to the out-of-date version of the server or the reason being returned as an empty string.