Whats new in Nakama 3.0

I was just browsing the forums and saw mentioned the upcoming Nakama 3.0 is there any feature list of features or changes that will come with this new version?

Hey @LucasGaspar :wave:

Yep, Nakama 3.0 will be released at the end of next week. There’s a release announcement with features which will be pushed to the blog. You can keep an eye there but I will also return to this thread and link it when its live.

With the new features which have been added you can rest assured that the server release is unusual in that it’s fully backwards compatible with the current 2.x releases. You won’t need to run migration scripts or be restricted in how or when you upgrade.

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Thank you will look forward for the announcement :slight_smile:

@LucasGaspar The server release is out! You can find our release announcement on the blog post:

Heroic Labs

You can also read the technical details in the CHANGELOG:

Release v3.0.0 · heroiclabs/nakama · GitHub

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Awesome! Thank you a lot for your reply!

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