Unreal client -go plugin Unmarshal error

Hey !
I was working on very simple a open-source go plugin that allows ue4 users be able to use nakama matchmaker alongside default game netcode ,and its almost done but problem is default sending json using default http client leads to this error

and strange part is it works fine when request is sent by curl
unreal request :

Curl request:

p.s : parsing error is not happening in my plugin code scope its happening before it gets called . i tried to log before parse and no results .

Which default http client do you use?

Unreal Native http Client.

Try to add unwrap=1, example:

what does this unwarp do? now it succeeds but its not having same behavior as expected. how should i change my code to match this?

if unwrap doesn’t work for you then try

var json = "\"{\\\"Val\\\": \\\"a\\\"}\"";   // this is unwrapped to {\"Val\": \"a\"} in go`