Rpc payload is NULL

unreal 5.0 / nakama Copy nakama-cpp 2.5.0 headers / Go / Window

Hello, I am Korean and I use a translator because I am not good at English. Please understand if the grammar is weird.

Everything else works well, but when I send the rpc, there is no value in PayLoad.

Client → Server

  1. Client “{\r\n\t"cash”: 100\r\n}"
    Server Result : None.

  2. Client "{“cash”: 100}
    Server Results: 100}

  3. Client 100
    Server Results: None

client callback (NRpc& rpc)
rpc.payload.c_str()Result value:
“{“messageCode”:200,“message”:“↓ᄊᄅ↓ᅠト↓ンᄡ ↓ルト→ᆪフ→ミリ↓ラネ↓ハᄉ→ヒネ→ヒᄂ.”,“cash”:0}”

Japanese is saved in the message. It’s a meaningless Japanese word.

The visual studio is utf8.

The code is the same as the image.

Hey @supergreenlight :wave: the example payloads you posted aren’t valid strings. Could you ensure your rpc calls look similar to how we invoke them in the following tests?

I know you’re in Unreal so they won’t look exactly the same.