Lets encrypt certs with development docker nakama set up

Is is possible to use https with the docker images, using certs generated by lets encrypt? For our production environment we plan on using a load balancer between 2 or more instances that would implement lets encrypt (it’s build it to digital ocean’s load balancer offering). But we are possibly running into to http issues and the latest android so would be great to switch to https.

I’m unsure if this is possible in Digital Ocean’s LB - but the preferred option would be to terminate SSL traffic at the loadbalancer level.

Short of that, you should mount some directory in Docker that has your SSL keys and point them to Nakama using the following configuration:


(look for ssl_certificate and ssl_private_key).

Lastly, I’d suggest considering using Heroic Labs’ Managed Cloud as it helps fuel Nakama and support the company behind Nakama.

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ok great thanks Mo. We will definitely consider your managed offering in the future, but we are a long way away from having sufficient revenue to afford it.

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