TournamentRecordsList in typescript returns empty records array

I have been working on an example where we are trying to pull the records for a series of tournaments and the results return zero records without error. I have confirmed records exist for the target tournament in the console.

I was able to target the tournamentId with leaderboardRecordsList() and retrieve the records array, this is my current workaround. Has anyone faced this issue ? or when using the documentation example have it working? Perhaps I am doing something wrong

Thanks !

Hello @ryanprice, does the tournament or leaderboard in question have a reset schedule?

It does not. But it does have a short duration ( in order to stop new submissions ) and keep the records intact for review at a later date.

We found that adding an end time, will erase the records aswell, so we have not added an end time.

I see, are you running the latest Nakama? If not I suggest you upgrade and test again, it could be a bug that has been fixed, if the issue persists please respond back with more info on how you’re listing the records etc (or if possible, a reproducible example would be great).

Records are never deleted by Nakama unless the appropriate APIs are called or they’re deleted from the Console UI. Depending on the leaderboard/tournament configuration however, they may have an expiryTime set, after which those records can only be listed if the appropriate expiryTime is provided when listing.

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O right of course, sorry should have thought of that first, I have now updated our setup from 3.15.0 to 3.21.1 and the tournamentRecordsList() is working :slight_smile:

Thanks for your responses.

I will test the records deleting after tournament end issue I was having under controlled conditions and make a post if I run into questions or issues. Thanks !

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