SSL handshake timeout when connecting through VPN

I’m hitting a weird issue.

Nakama version: 3.1.2+cf6d355a
I’m using Nakama with Defold.
My Nakama instance is hosted in Europe.

When I open the app without a VPN (I’m in Europe), the app connects to the server and everything works fine.

As soon as I set up the VPN in a “far” country (Canada, UAE), I get the following error:

ERROR:DLIB: mbedtls_ssl_handshake failed: Unknown error - -26624 (-0x6800)
ERROR:DLIB: SSL handshake timeout

Does anyone know what the issue is? And how to solve it? Here’s my config.yml by the way:

  server_key: "XXXXXXX"
  port: 7350
  address: ""
  protocol: "tcp"
  max_message_size_bytes: 4096
  max_request_size_bytes: 131072
  read_buffer_size_bytes: 4096
  write_buffer_size_bytes: 4096
  read_timeout_ms: 30000
  write_timeout_ms: 30000
  idle_timeout_ms: 60000
  write_wait_ms: 10000
  pong_wait_ms: 10000
  ping_period_ms: 8000
  ping_backoff_threshold: 20
  outgoing_queue_size: 64
  ssl_certificate: "" #/nakama/data/cert.pem"
  ssl_private_key: "" #/nakama/data/key.pem"