SSL handshake timeout when connecting through VPN

I’m hitting a weird issue.

Nakama version: 3.1.2+cf6d355a
I’m using Nakama with Defold.
My Nakama instance is hosted in Europe.

When I open the app without a VPN (I’m in Europe), the app connects to the server and everything works fine.

As soon as I set up the VPN in a “far” country (Canada, UAE), I get the following error:

ERROR:DLIB: mbedtls_ssl_handshake failed: Unknown error - -26624 (-0x6800)
ERROR:DLIB: SSL handshake timeout

Does anyone know what the issue is? And how to solve it? Here’s my config.yml by the way:

  server_key: "XXXXXXX"
  port: 7350
  address: ""
  protocol: "tcp"
  max_message_size_bytes: 4096
  max_request_size_bytes: 131072
  read_buffer_size_bytes: 4096
  write_buffer_size_bytes: 4096
  read_timeout_ms: 30000
  write_timeout_ms: 30000
  idle_timeout_ms: 60000
  write_wait_ms: 10000
  pong_wait_ms: 10000
  ping_period_ms: 8000
  ping_backoff_threshold: 20
  outgoing_queue_size: 64
  ssl_certificate: "" #/nakama/data/cert.pem"
  ssl_private_key: "" #/nakama/data/key.pem"

Hi @lex! It’s a bit hard to say what might be going on based on just this information.

A few things to try: check you can hit the server via curl and that completes the SSL handshake correctly, check the connection speed to reach the server - perhaps the connection itself times out? - or check that a VPN exit point in Europe works.

Basically I would recommend you start by trying to disambiguate if the distance is the issue, or the VPN itself. Come back with more information and we’ll do our best to help further. :+1: