Single socket flag does not limit sessions

Hello, I am currently developing a web game using nakama-js 2.7.1 and nakama runtime 3.20.0. I have configured the single socket flag in the config option to ensure that each user has one session. To confirm this, I logged in from a different browser, but the current session’s connection did not terminate. All client functions and RPCs using sessions are working correctly. Additionally, the token does not become invalidated, and by refreshing the page and using the cached token, I can still maintain the existing session. This allows the same user to have two sessions simultaneously in two different browsers. On the other hand, when the same user initiates a new socket connection, the existing socket connection is terminated, effectively limiting each user to only one socket. It seems that this flag restricts to having only one socket connection per user, rather than limiting to one session per user. Is my understanding correct?

That’s correct, this flag will only enforce one socket connection per user.

I have checked your pull request regarding the single session config. Will it be included in the next release? If so, do you have an estimate of when the next release might be ready?

Probably not in the immediate next release, but it should be included in the next releases barring any unexpected issues.