Server authoritative multiplayer in UE4?

How do i go about setting up backend code for an server authoritative realtime multiplayer in unreal engine, PS. im pretty noob in Lua and GO


You’ll have to be a bit more specific about the type of game you’re making if you want more in-depth advice. Based on this single paragraph, all I can tell you is to read up on Authoritative Multiplayer and the Unreal client guide.

As of Nakama 3.0, we now support TypeScript as well.

yeah so im making a 3rd person Shooter game, i have implemented all the matchmaking callbacks and stuff but im confused to how a player will join a match when he gets matchmaking results.

It would still be helpful to have more step-by-step information about the type of matchmaking system you’re building: CS:GO style? Fortnite style? other?

The best hands-on example we have of matchmaking can be found in Fish Game:

Unity – Fish Game + Tutorial
Godot – Fish Game + Tutorial
Macroquad (Rust) – Fish Game + Tutorial

Yeah more like CSGO style with ranking and stuff, but i want to implement a simple system just to see how the matchmaking works, like how to join a map, and do stuff there

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I wanna know when a match is created and the client recieves JoinMatch from the realtime Client, how do they join a map? how does the rtClient know what server to join?