Search lacks context

Please make the search contain some more context. In this case I was looking for the Go reference docs for a function. As there are several languages the link you want is always the last one. The shown function reference quick links should include the language/framework, just like the three last ones do.

Thanks @chakie , we’re already looking into improving this :+1:

The search still has issues.

This should have found runtime.Initializer.RegisterBeforeGetAccount(). I actually have no idea where to find the “before and after” functions that you can use. The docs are immensely hard to find anything in.

We’re constantly trying to improve our search and the experience overall, thanks for your feedback!

In the meantime: Heroic Labs Documentation | Introduction :sweat_smile:

Thank you.

For me the most confusing aspect of finding anything in the docs is the amount of hierarchies. There’s first the two hierarchies here:

Then there’s this hierarchy:

and finally there’s this hierarchy:

In order to find anything you just have to know the first three hierarchies before you get a ToC which hopefully has descriptive names. Why not simply have one hierarchy that’s expandable and more easy to browse? It’s also often not clear at all why something is in the third hierarchy and not in the ToC and vice versa.