Anywhere I can see an full API reference?

While the documentation is pretty good, I am still facing questions on what I should be sending to internal nakama functions.

For example, I want to create a function which returns all available matches. The documentation has this code

local nk = require("nakama")

local limit = 10
local isAuthoritative = true
local label = "skill=100-150"
local min_size = 0
local max_size = 4
local matches = nk.match_list(limit, isAuthoritative, label, min_size, max_size)
for _, match in ipairs(matches) do
    nk.logger_info(string.format("Match id %s", match.match_id))

But I don’t want to limit my search to a specific label, so I wanted to see an API reference (what variables it expects etc) for match_list() but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Anyone can point me in the right direction?

I generally agree that we need better laid out documentation - what you inquired about is here:


perfect. Thanks!

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