Server Hook Documentation

Hello, everyone,

I am currently trying my first project with Nakama and unfortunately I have the problem that I can hardly get along with the documentation. For example, I miss documentation for the server hook “afterAuthenticateEmail”. I can find examples but I’m wondering if there isn’t a complete documentation of all server hooks? Or am I just not finding it?

All I found so far was at: Nakama: Function Reference | Heroic Labs Documentation

But even the search function returns 0 hits for “afterAuthenticateEmail”

Am I looking in the wrong place or is there no complete documentation for the server hooks?

Thank you very much

@CarrotGames we don’t document every function-hook combination because it follows a consistent pattern. With perhaps some exceptions, every runtime function should have a before or after prefix. So in the Go runtime, it would be AfterAuthenticateEmail like you were searching for.

You can see the full list of functions that have an implicit before or after prefix here:

Thank you very much for the quick reply. That helps me a lot.

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