Problem With Nakama queries

Hey, my Nakama server is experiencing some problems.

For every 10 requests (Unity latest sdk, storage read and write requests), Nakama only responds to one. I tested a query individually, and it worked fine. However, Nakama is unable to perform queries, and the following error logs are generated:

{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2023-05-24T07:23:23.186Z”,“caller”:“server/core_storage.go:472”,“msg”:“Could not begin database transaction.”,“error”:“context canceled”}
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2023-05-24T07:23:24.734Z”,“caller”:“server/core_leaderboard.go:501”,“msg”:“Error writing leaderboard record”,“error”:“context canceled”}

When attempting to query accounts on the Nakama console, the following error occurs:

Error when querying accounts: An error occurred while trying to list users.

If I repeat the process multiple times, it eventually provides a response.

I’m not sure if this is related, but the number of sessions is shown as 0.

What should I do?

Hi @Ahmadrezadl,

Is this happening on a local Nakama instance running via Docker, or is this happening elsewhere?

Are you calling the RPCs via the client or the socket?