Reconnecting to realtime client?

Hi :slight_smile:

Is there a way to reconnect to a realtime client that you have previously lost connection to?
It seems like there is some sort of timeout on the realtime client, we have first noticed this while debuggining - if you stay on a breakpoint for too long, each call to the realtime client afterwards will result in:
'Error: WebSocket is not valid or not connected'.

But now we have gotten to the point where we setup the realtime client and then the server application does a lot of other things which can on a bad day take up to a few minutes. After that the call to realtime client always ends with the same error like the one we have encountered during debugging. Does that mean it did timeout? Is there a way to stop it from doing so or just reconnecting to it later?

We are currently using 3.18.0-r2 Unreal


websocket rely on periodic pings going back and forth to detect disconnects. If you stop on debugger pings stop as well and remote side consider your client disconnected.