Rejoining or Reconnecting

when i minimize my client on mobile device,switching between apps. immediately i get the message on server of match leave but on unity client i disconnect after sometime from server. i want to rejoin immediately when i reconnect but it happened 20 to 25 sec late.

What version of the Unity client library are you using?

Please make sure you are using v2.2.2:

same version you mentioned above.

@brad9mm This behaviour is to be expected with the Unity client sdk. You can change the PingPongManager to check the liveliness of the socket on the client side quicker with this code:

var client = new Client(...);
var keepAliveIntervalSec = 5;
var socket = Socket.From(client, new WebSocketAdapter(keepAliveIntervalSec));

Even with this code you should expect that there’s always a slight delay for the network stack on the mobile OS to detect the closed socket.