Reconnecting after disconnects increases sessions and duplicates messages, match messages

On Unity SDK when I lock an android phone and open the app again I make a reconnect inside OnApplicationPause, however I noticed that after several phone lock/unlock when reconnecting and start sending chat messages they are received many times according to my sessions.
Also on authoritative matches I get messages duplicated several times leading to buggy gameplay.
I have to close the App and open again to solve this.

How do I keep only one session even after reconnecting?

Thanks in advance

It sounds like you’re re-using the same socket object on the client, and attaching more message listeners to it each time. If you do this each of the listeners will fire on received messages.

I’m not sure what you mean by “increases sessions” can you be a bit clearer here?

By “increases sessions” means after reconnecting I get more sessions count for the same user.
You mean I should dispose the socket and their listeners after each disconnect and create a new one using client.NewSocket() ?