Realtime Player Syncing

We are developing a fast pace server authoritative multiplayer racing game, want to know following two things

  1. Is there any built in functions or example scripts to sync Unity’s Game object with other players in real-time? Usually, all other multiplayer framework have such kind of functionalities for example Photon has TransformView, RigidbodyView and Fishnet has Network View etc…

I also tried Fish-Game example to sync player object but’s it’s not real-time and lags.

  1. To achieve real-time syncing we need to know the communication lag and this requires a common time reference for all clients. So does Nakama Unity-Client SDK has some property or method to know the server time/ticks? Or any other way to calibrate/sync client time with server time?

Time accuracy must be in milliseconds. Creating RPC and fetching timestamp from server every time, will also add it’s additional delays. Let’s say if tick rate is 12 then fetching server timestamp via RPC 12 times/sec somehow doesn’t seem right and may cause bottle neck.

Hi, @surajTLabs! And welcome to Heroic Labs forum!

For 1, it is currently on our backlog a set of improvements on this kind of documentation. More users have similar questions.
For 2, you can find documentation about ticks here.

Also, I found a similar question that has been asked here in the forum and will probably shed some light on your specific Nakama usage: Multiplayer game with physics - #2 by novabyte

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